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          Contact Person: Mr. Hu
          Tel: +86-530-8865559
          Mobile: +86-15605309512
          Fax: +86-530-8850005
          E-mail: panaco@zhedachem.com; 1335821242@qq.com
          About Us

          ZHEDA PANACO (SHANDONG) CHEMICAL ENGINERING CO.,LTD. is the main production base of ZHEDA PANACO CHEMICAL ENGINEERING CO., LTD. which was founded in 2001 and has been approved as “Zhejiang High and New-tech Enterprise” by the nation in consecutive years and is an organic chemical engineering enterprise with rich experience and high reputation in the sector. With the development of business and demand for expanded production, ZHEDA PANACO (SHANDONG) CHEMICAL ENGINERING CO.,LTD. was built in Shandong in 2012 and then put into production.   

          ZHEDA PANACO (SHANDONG) CHEMICAL ENGINERING CO.,LTD. is located in the chemical engineering park in Chengwu County, Heze City, Shandong Province and was founded by experts and professors in Zhejiang University. Backed by scientific research capacity of Zhejiang University, it specializes in producing and trading biochemical products, drug intermediates, drug raw materials, new chemical additives and other organic and inorganic intermediates. It is also committed to entrusted research and development (R&D), independent R&D and upgrading technical process. The projects developed and produced by the company target at international and new fine chemicals, keeping in step with foreign innovative scientific and technological development.

          The company is devoted to researching and developing pharmaceutical intermediates and producing new chemical intermediates with independent intellectual property rights so it has strong independent R&D and technological innovation capacities. The company has a professional R&D team, advanced R&D equipment and improved procedures covering small-scale trial, medium-scale trial, mass production and trade. The company’s R&D team consists of full-time and part-time doctor professors in universities. Backed by university labs and based on factories, the company has a complete production chain integrating R&D, manufacturing, inspecting, packaging and delivering of pesticides and pharmaceutical intermediates.

          Covering an area of over 40000m2, the company has built standard workshops, office buildings and warehouses with complete equipment. It started investing in constructingproduction bases for the projects such as 3-amidogen-5-hydrosulphonyl-1,2,4-triazole (referred to as AMT) and dihydroxy benzylamine and other pharmaceutical intermediates projects in 2012. The company provides a complete range of ATM products from standard products to electronic grade highly finished products.

          The company is the first to develop the process techniques to achieve mass production of ATM in China. Its quality standard is higher than that of the like products of international companies. It has been an excellent and stable Chinese ATM intermediates supplier exporting to American market with large quantities since 2003. At present, it is the AMT manufacturer with improved production qualifications and the largest production capacity in China. The company has many mature technologies for industrialized production and entrusted R&D capacity.

          Over 80% of its products are exported to America, Germany, Korea, Japan, Brazil and other countries. The company has obtained rich experience in the pharmaceutical intermediates industry and good customer feedback. It also provides customized services to meet higher requirements.

          The company keeps Zhejiang University’s motto “Pursue for Truth and Innovation” as its discipline. With diligence and cooperation, it proactively builds itself into an innovative and sustainable chemical engineering enterprise in line with the standards.   

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